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Greetings traveler. I am David Taylor; lover of the written art and author. I welcome you to my humble home. I, just like you, are a writer, artist, and lover of all things literature. Here I showcase some of my own personal work that includes original work and my own published work, but I provide advice on various topics. Topics that range from life lessons, overcoming challenges, and books reviews. I will do my best to equip you with the courage to soar with confidence and tenacity.




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  Bearer of sin Dressed in blood How you multiply Above our heads Yet we reach Curious about your soul “Grant us knowledge” we say “Beyond that of time” And above the tree There sits a dove “Forgive them” He speaks taking flight “For they know not of what they do” EaglePoet 20180207  


The pendulum swings Breaking the glass of time As the sands meet the ground So do the heavens Crashing to your feet Or is that the glass That held up your reality Grace isn’t in the clouds Nor is righteousness But in faith can you finally see The truth of reality EaglePoet 20180205  

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