The Curse

Chapter 4 The Curse

“Brennan.” A soft and quiet voice calls out.

‘Someone is calling out to me. Is it Ace? No, it can’t be him. Is it Monroe maybe? I can’t put my finger on it.’

“Brennan!” the person yelled. I jumped from my slumber into a void. Completely dark and vacant. I stood up immediately and searched my surroundings. Nothing familiar in sight.

“Hello, is anywhere there?” I called out. ‘What happened?’ My eyes suddenly grew wide when I remembered the house, my friends and my fall from the third floor. Looking around, I could only devise one conclusion.

‘I have to be dead. Where else could I be?’ I thought walking into oblivion.

“Welcome home Brennan.” A voice said behind me. I froze instantly as the voice and phrase were too familiar. ‘It can’t be!’

I felt something cold and rigid on my shoulder. Out the corner of my eye, I identified a damaged hand placed there. I couldn’t move. This can’t be real. Slowly, white hair flowed from above my head. I slowly tilted my head upwards to the pale and horrid face of a young woman. Her eyes were completely yellow, snow white skin and steaming breath was accompanied by a low hiss.

“Hello Brennan.” It took everything I had to move away from her. I jumped forward and fell to the ground. I recovered as quickly as possible; resting my gaze back onto the creature. There she was; with an actual body this time. She was dressed in a ragged red dress and was lacking shoes. Her arms were as damaged as her hands; completely covered in scars and cuts.

“Who are you?” I finally managed to say.

“Who do you believe me to be.” I clenched my fist remembering how my friends were taken one by one. All because of her, their gone forever. They were the only friends I had and now I’m all alone again.

“You’re the monster who took my friends away from me.” I said getting up. She began to laugh hysterically. My fear was replaced by anger as her laugh mocked my companions lives. The ones she took so easily.

“What is funny you demon?” She calmed down and her eyes met mine.

“You’re funny my child. What exactly did I take from you?”

“What did you take from me? You took my friends! Stop playing dumb when their blood is on your hands!”

“I only took one thing from you my boy.”

“What? What are you talking about?”

“I robbed your friends of nothing but, my only crime was against you Brennan. How else do you think I know your name?”

“Enough with your riddles! What did you do?” A pillar of smoke hid her from sight and slowly dissipated.

“Step forward and find out.” She whispered before she was gone.

‘What is going on here?’ Then, I saw a small light from the distance. Instinctively, I began my journey toward it. In no time at all, I was blinded by a powerful glow.

“Monroe!” I screamed coming out of my sleep. I looked around and saw I was outside of the house. Grass beneath me, I suddenly recalled my departure from the office upstairs. ‘That was one crazy dream. I’m sorry guys.’ I got up and started making my way home.

“Brennan!” I turned to the entrance and froze. ‘No, she won’t leave me alone.’ I was determined to escape as soon as she showed her face. From the darkness within, I saw a figure preparing to emerge. I readied for what was to come.

“I can’t believe it.” ‘That voice! It can’t be.’ Exiting the house was Monroe. I couldn’t express how happy I was. I was sure he was taken over. His eyes were normal and he wasn’t even hurt.

Shortly after, Nyle and Ace followed. I couldn’t believe what was happening.

‘They’re all alive. This can’t be real!’ I could feel the tears surface and scale down my face. They walked out fully and I saw they had a sort of emotionless expression.

‘Oh no, what did she do to them.’ I thought running toward them. I stopped halfway and Monroe fell to his knees sobbing loudly.

‘What in the world?’

“I’m sorry Monroe! I promise to make it up to you.” Monroe pushed Nyle away and he fell. Monroe was on top of him in no time. He was yelling something I couldn’t comprehend. I think it was “It’s all your fault it’s gone!”

‘It? Could he mean his phone? I didn’t think he cared that much for it.’ Nyle managed to get out from under him and ran off into the cemetery. Monroe rushed after him immediately and Ace pursed them. I started to go after them when I heard his ringtone from inside.

‘It can’t be that bad if people can still call it.’ I hesitated before going inside but, remembered they were alive. As far as I was concerned, it was nothing more than a dream. I did black out when I tripped inside. They probably brought me out here. I let out a sigh and walked inside. It was near the stairs.

‘Now, why did he leave his phone here if..’ something caught my eye. Something lying in the blanket of darkness. I walked over and couldn’t see what it was.

‘Wait, his phone has a light on it.’ I remembered. I grabbed it and turned it on.

“That’s much better. Now, I can see what that is.” I turned the corner once again. I dropped the phone as I looked to the ground.

‘Someone’s is hurt. Who could this be?’ I put the phone down as I began to shake them. They weren’t breathing but, I turned them over to look at who it was.

“Hey, don’t worry. We will be able to help y…!” I jumped backwards as my breathing speed up considerably. Dread and fear washed over me as I looked into the unmoving eyes before me.

“It can’t be! This can’t be true!” I yelled in disbelief. ‘That’s what she meant! That monster! I finally understand what you took from me.’

The eyes before me were my own.


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