March of Clouds

In the sea above, White entities dwell Made from peace and love Bringers of this tale   Riding waves of air Unique in their ways A gift they shall share On the darkest days   Guided by His hand Led to save the world To save our cursed land By grace of our Lord EagleTaylor


Valiant Fearless, in all they do Courageous Protected, by his armor and shield Vulnerable Defeated, by his lack of wisdom EagleTaylor

Strength of Faith

Running, running Along this endless road Fatigue plagues my body While weakness invades my dreams Dark and unsure The path before me Until the sun rises Relieving my burden Renewing my strength A new pace for a new day EagleTaylor


A tether to this world Invisible, profound Natural yet unknown Gift to all When gone, to earth we return

The River

Wash me O' river of light Of the darkness within I reawaken To a river of clouds above To a darkened river below


Darkened corner Filled with solitude Lion enters Bringing forth light The night flees Back into the depths


The winds lash and cry Darkness covers the land No escape No peace Soon comes the light Dressed in majesty The One The Son -EagleTaylor


Rooted and firm To overcome fire and fury But established in sand Welcomes ruin

Spoken Love

The sweet first words Spoken by He Who loves the birds And calms the sea   His ways are kind Painter of life Our righteous sign To battle strife   The cross and blood Gave life to all A rose shall bud And hear the call   Our God, who speaks Love, truth and light …

On the Shelf

A young child Wanting all that he sees Loving everything From toys to cars Made of plastic love Feelings unreal These are earthly distractions From the heart above EagleTaylor