Pains of Time

As a child,

Thou haunted me

Merciless in stature and presence

Relentless, thou malice flowed

Through rivers of anguish

Truly deadly thou are, Kronos

Obscuring my destined path

Like many before


In my adolescence,

Thou growth peculiar, unreal

Towering against the clouds but,

Gifted with thoughts and words

Wisdom urged my advance

Prompting my curosity, enticing my will


Now an adult,

Brittle beard and brazzen grin

Smiling at misfortune

Shaking the hands of remorse

How misplaced thou are

Gaze wrought with disdain

Recognize your weakness, fabled titan

Olympus has long fallen

Thou pride and breath, pose false reason

Unlike my hands

Scuplted of hardship

Or feet, battered from fiery coals

Unyielding to hiprocracy and erronous teachings

I awaken to the truth

20170202 EagleTaylor

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