A Gift Worth More Than Gold and Silver

“The greatest wealth is health.” -Virgil

          You know what really sucks? No, not anchovies on your pizza or leaving your cat out in a blizzard. Injuries. That’s right, injuries. I can’t tell you how much it tears me up inside to hear a family member is in the hospital because of an accident or disease. I’m touching this topic mostly because I started watching the Untold Stories of the ER series on Netflix. Strange and unbelievable tales of ER visits that spark interest and turns stomachs. I highly recommend it. Either way, I’ve never been a fan of hospitals. Maybe it was the smell of medicine, the hollow and ghastly hallways, the squeaking wheels of gurneys, or the faint screams you heard coming from a room far away.

          Okay, that last part never happened, but it sucks none the less. The second reason is because… wait for it!

I got injured today. Not my best day since it was my first major injury aside from the flu and the stomach virus. I mean, here I am over 20 years old and my first major injury. To say I was blessed to be injury free all this time would be an understatement, and the way it happened was completely unexpected.

          So, I love to run. Running is therapeutic like burning a scented candle or inhaling the sweet aroma coming from a chocolate cake. Today, I was doing sprints and I was getting it. I mean getting it; arms pumping, lungs burning, and a grin across my face. Then,


It took a minute to register what happened as I tumbled into the grass and thankfully, I had a buddy I was running with there with me. Please, I implore you guys that if you have a passion for fitness and enjoy running, please let someone know where you’re going or have someone accompany you. If he wasn’t there, I would have been crying in pain all alone.

          After laying there for a minute, I remembered that the snap came from my thigh. Not my knee or ankle, my freaking thigh. It felt like a muscle was torn in two. I was wincing in pain and managed to make it home safely. In the safety of my home, the pain got worse, my thigh swelled up, and that was history. Now, I’m waiting to go to the hospital and get it checked out. As I encouraged earlier, please have a buddy when running somewhere new whether it’s in a park or in the woods. Then, I saw this quote online from Virgil.

“The greatest wealth is your health.” That is so true.

          Come on. Show of hands, how many want to live lavishly, buy at least 15 cars, have a house that the Kardashians would be jealous of, and a bank account with more zeros than there are stars in the sky. We all dreamed of it at least once. The real question is what is wealth without a future? When did money top overall wellbeing? Which would you have, a long life or a fat bank account? Now I know that some are going to say,

“Are you crazy, the money of course. I could pay for any medical procedure I need.”

However, like a genie wish, there can be some unexpected factors. You know, you wish for a million bucks and you get a stampede of deer. From watching the ER show, I’ve gained an appreciation for life. These doctors perform difficult procedures to save people lives, but even they admit that sometimes death is more than probable.

          Through the risks and dedication, you gain such a respect for these physicians. It just opened my eyes to how quickly life can be snatched from you. So, in the end, health and life is more valuable than all the money in the world and don’t anyone tell you otherwise. Money is passed around all the time, but your life is yours alone and you only have one. Use it to its full potential, work hard to achieve your dreams, and live without regrets.

-EaglePoet 20171024

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