Time Tells All

Quote: Time gives good advice. (El tiempo da buen consejo.) – Spanish proverb

Why does time heal all wounds? Where did such a saying even come from? I don’t know. I do know that time is a harsh teacher. In one moment, everything is great and the next, it freakin sucks. I know I’m not the only one.

Time is your greatest ally and enemy. Still, a teacher is neutral or should be. They are deemed professionals in their respective field and are tasked to pass their knowledge along to the younger generation. Time is much like that. One who teaches us the joy of company, the pain of loss, the power of self, and the punishment of sin.

For me, it took a while for me to accept every event in my life as an experience. No matter how tragic it was, we have to understand that life happens. Time doesn’t stop because things aren’t going the way we envisioned. Our lives aren’t this book we can pick up and read and expect it to have a happy ending. It’s a novel where we take up the pen, put it to paper, be patient, strong, willful, and willing to work around unforeseen mistakes, errors or mishaps in the chapters. To make our dreams come true, it starts with us

EaglePoet 20171219

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