The pendulum swings Breaking the glass of time As the sands meet the ground So do the heavens Crashing to your feet Or is that the glass That held up your reality Grace isn't in the clouds Nor is righteousness But in faith can you finally see The truth of reality EaglePoet 20180205  


How in control are you? As the world turns As the years fly by "Give in," They command "Why fight a hopeless fight?" "We will care for you." "We will protect you." "You are safe in our hands." In the eyes of masses They are like we Born of purity But, remove the veil Take … Continue reading Innocent

True Solitude

Greetings readers. Welcome to another book review and boy do I have a find for you today. A friendly disclaimer, this review does contain spoilers. However, this review is based on my observations and you should shape your own opinion about the novel in question. This week’s read was Chasers by James Phelan. This piece … Continue reading True Solitude

Young Reapers Unite

Hello readers. Once again, I come before you with another book review, and this is was a unique find. The book, Croak, by Gina Damico is a young adult fiction novel that centers around the 16 year old, heavy handed, hot tempered Lexington Bartleby, or Lex for short. The destructive and dangerous teen has become … Continue reading Young Reapers Unite

What are you worth?

"Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value." -Albert Einstein What good is success when you end up alone at the end? What kind of person would stick with someone that does nothing but belittle them? Trust is a hard thing to gain and so easy … Continue reading What are you worth?

The Work of Hands

L’æuvre d’art, c’est une idée qu’on exagére. -André Gide “A work of art is an idea that someone exaggerates.” Hello, readers. How many among you are artistically talented? Whether it’s the art of pencil to paper or paint to canvas, it’s a gift that no one can duplicate. Let what you can do shine in … Continue reading The Work of Hands