The pendulum swings Breaking the glass of time As the sands meet the ground So do the heavens Crashing to your feet Or is that the glass That held up your reality Grace isn't in the clouds Nor is righteousness But in faith can you finally see The truth of reality EaglePoet 20180205  


Am I the man I see in the mirror Whose eyes shine like bronze Smiles with certainty Speaks with kind words But what boils beneath the surface Within that enigmatic mind His thoughts are unknown to me His motives a mystery And here he stands Watching me Waiting for the chance To remind me of … Continue reading Reflection


Rob me of this pain What man wishes ill of me? A past enemy? A friend long forgotten? Tell me who cursed me Was it you my heart? Sickened by the world we live in Torn to pieces by turmoil Shattered by the blood spilled Mine eyes aren't shielded And so I see so much … Continue reading Turmoil


How in control are you? As the world turns As the years fly by "Give in," They command "Why fight a hopeless fight?" "We will care for you." "We will protect you." "You are safe in our hands." In the eyes of masses They are like we Born of purity But, remove the veil Take … Continue reading Innocent